How Does a Fraserview Veterinary Hospital Contribute to Animals?

Fraserview veterinary hospital is a health care clinic where animal ailments & injuries are diagnosed & treated. Various conditions of your pet can be detected early and treated before they grow into major & more serious ones by visiting veterinarians regularly.
In this blog, we have talked about how a veterinary doctor can help your pet stay fit & healthy.

Fraserview veterinary hospital

Top 5 Care Your Pet Can Attain from Fraserview Veterinary Hospital

Pet owners believe that their pets are part of their family. So as a pet owner, you may like to treat them in the same manner that you would care for one of your human family members. Like people, pets also need regular doctor check-ups and timely veterinarian care. Here are five essential services that your pet can get from routine veterinarian care.


Regular dental check-ups are essential for your pet’s overall wellbeing. It does not only prevent stinky breath, but also aids in the prevention of a variety of ailments. Pet owners must understand that infections (that originate in the mouth) can rapidly invade your animal’s circulation and spread to critical organs.


Vaccines are essential for both humans & pets. Now, animals can be immunized against a variety of medical conditions to improve their overall lifespan. However, it depends on where you travel and what you intend to do with your pet, but skilled veterans can assist you in selecting the appropriate vaccinations to keep your pet safe.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm can spread from one animal to another easily. Mosquito bites are the medium to transmit the parasitic worm. This infection can remain latent in your pet’s body for up to six months.

Blood testing is one method to detect heartworm. Unfortunately, it is impossible to detect if your pet is not receiving regular veterinarian treatment. Sometimes, heartworm is found too late and can be devastating. However, this parasitic roundworm can be treated & completely prevented if your pets undergo regular veterinarian treatment.

Emergency & Urgent Care

Health conditions can be jeopardized at any time. Generally, we are aware of medications that are beneficial to people. However, when it comes to animals, most of us are naive. Fraserview veterinary clinics offer emergency & urgent care facilities for your pets. It ensures your pets will get immediate treatment in emergencies.

Pet Surgery

A Fraserview veterinary hospital doesn’t only for daily check-ups of your pets. However, if your pet requires surgery, you can get the facility. Here are the common dog/cat surgeries you can get at veterinary clinics:

● Stomach surgery
● Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO)
● Spinal surgery
● Ear surgery
● ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction) repair
● Fractures and dislocations
● Knee cap dislocations and many more.

Fraserview Veterinary Clinic Work

How Does a Fraserview Veterinary Clinic Work?

A veterinary hospital is always active for animal diagnoses & treatments. Services of Fraserview veterinary clinic can be classified into four categories. Such as:

Preventive Services –  It focuses on preventing ailments outbreaks.
Medicine & Vaccinations –  This division is responsible for the distribution of medications, vaccines, and other items.
Clinical Services –  Veterinary professionals provide treatment for suffering animals as well as control of production-limiting conditions.
Examination of Advertised Animal Products –  Not all products are suitable for your pet. Veterinarians examine your pet’s health and recommend the best commercial animal products.

How to Find One of the Best Veterinary Hospitals in Fraserview?

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